Customer value: a major challenge for financial services

In today's highly competitive world with its increasingly restrictive regulatory framework, the need to put customers at the heart of insurance industry concerns has become a major challenge.
At its Fifth European Symposium held at Versailles on November 9 and 10, BNP Paribas Cardif invited its partners to identify opportunities for developing customer value. The theme for this year's event was Value for money, Money for value.
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What is Custommer value ?

  • Value is what interests the customer. It is subjective. It is a performance or benefit perceived by the customer as intangible..
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The Digital world is integral to customer value

Online channels and social networks are now an integral part of brand marketing...
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Regulation of bancassurance: an opportunity to develop customer value

The interventionism and stringency applied by regulators is particularly pronounced in consumer protection...
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